About Me

A founder, an advisor, an activist and a producer. Maybe real life Batman. Maybe not. But definitely someone who cares about people, nature and animals... appreciating the simple things in life and trying to leave a positive impact and legacy.

About Me

I don't really want to bore you with paragraphs of text, so to summarise; I was born in a small Northern European country in the Baltics called Lithuania, right after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1995 on April 24th. Apparently I was a very curious and inquisitive child, to annoyance of many. And perhaps I still am to this day.

I spent a good period of my childhood in Malibu, California before moving to Great Britain at the age of twelve. At around seventeen years old I sold one of my websites which showed me that ideas no matter how small can fetch viable results.

I didn't enjoy education very much so I kind of left it, to pursue entrepreneurship. During this period I had the opportunity to obtain practical skills, focus on my own projects, invest, work with some of the biggest companies and studios and really develop myself professionally, which led me to my current focus.

Currently Focusing On...

Online Shop Inc.

A company which me and my co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Siraaj started (officially if we go by the incorporation date) in April of 2021.

We were first a marketplace going toe to toe with likes of Amazon and trying to be the most altruistic, transparent and fair one at that. Unfortunately it caused us to burn out and a constant stream of capital was necessary to operate, so we decided to focus on what we love, and what we're good at. Software.

Our goal is to make e-commerce the most accessible and affordable. Sort of how Apple made personal computers appeal to the mass market, which then arguably, spawned some of the biggest and best companies we know and love, or hate, today.

I'd like to think that we can make similar impact to people through the one thing that people do a lot, trade. Whether it's buying or selling, most of it is now happening online and with recent events more people want to start something of their own, and that's our ultimate goal.

I hope that one day some of the biggest brands and businesses in years to come, made their first step by using Online Shop. Everything starts with an idea, and we want to ensure trying something doesn't break the bank, and is as easy as it can be.

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If you're curious whenever I'm in the press, or what is being written you can do so by clicking here via Crunchbase. They seem to aggregate press and other articles quite well. Although I cannot attest to the validity or truthfulness of the aggregated content as it is done by a third party, and I am too lazy to look or even list it one by one here.

I'd also appreciate if you could visit Sea Legacy and Only One, they are amazing non-profit organization which I hold near and dear to my heart. Donate if you have the means, it goes a very long way - and if you do not have the means, as little as a like or a reshare of one of their posts is also appreciated.

I Almost Forgot...

I also am making my own graphic novel titled 'Vagrance', it is still in progress but it should come along sometime or the other. Once I have more time. So keep a look out for it.

If you're looking to get in touch with me...

I am quite busy you see. Actually very much so. And most of my channels are crammed to the max with requests, messages and so on.

If you really do want to get in touch, best to try to reach me via Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. Try to message me or something, I don't know. Definitely not e-mail. Be creative but not to the point of lunacy and harassment.

I do tend to provide advice where I can, and where I know it may help. I don't expect anything in return. If your question is something quite interesting, and something perhaps I could even answer by posting here to help others with the same issue, you might peak my interest. So if you do manage to contact me, I might answer and provide feedback where I can or know have expertise in. Just note that I may post your question as an entry in this journal should it be of enough gravity where I feel this could apply to many. If I do choose to do this, I will ask whether you want to be credited with your question, or remain anonymous.

Terry McGinnis